Joey Rosenfeld on Brokenness

A friend of mine sent me this quote recently, while he was listening to Joey Rosenfeld’s interview on the Meaningful People podcast. I think it is a very powerful insight which complements my last article about the beauty of a broken heart. Joey Rosenfeld is a brilliant young teacher and therapist living in St. Louis,Continue reading “Joey Rosenfeld on Brokenness”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 9- A Broken Heart

What does it mean to have a broken heart?  Is having a broken heart the same thing as sadness?  What is the difference between them?  We touched on the subject of sadness in the first article in this series- Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman.  Let us explore what Rebbe Nachman teaches us regarding these questions.Continue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 9- A Broken Heart”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 8- Shabbat

Every week we have an opportunity to connect to a space in time that is unique, special and different from the other days of the week, Shabbat.  Every week on Shabbat, we can return to our essential selves and to our eternal connection with God.  We can leave behind the struggles of the week, theContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 8- Shabbat”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 7- Lag B’Omer

There is a lot of interest today in a part of the Torah which is becoming more and more revealed in our time, Penimiut HaTorah, the inner light of the Torah.  What does the inner light of the Torah mean?  What does it mean to learn the inner light?  Is this part of the TorahContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 7- Lag B’Omer”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 6

Fear.  Fear is something I believe that we all struggle with on one level or another.  Fear prevents us from being composed, from being in the moment, and from making good decisions.  It clouds our mind and our judgment.  When we are afraid and anxious, we are certainly not mindful.  We are not able toContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 6”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 5

Being in the moment.  I think it is one of the hardest things to accomplish these days and in our generation.  There are so many worries and so many distractions.  How is it possible in our reality today to be mindful and live in the present? Rebbe Nachman teaches based on the verse in Tehillim,Continue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 5”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 4

Something that I find really healing during personal prayer is singing, singing a song or just a nigun, a song without words.  A song of faith, of longing, or a happy song to lift me up.   Music can take us out of all of the pressures and negative emotions we might be experiencing and bringContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 4”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 3

In a teaching by Rebbe Nachman that I learned this week with some friends, the concept of waiting really struck me.  Sometimes there is a great value in waiting for something.  Sometimes you are forced into a situation where all you can do is wait and be patient.  The Covid pandemic has brought all ofContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 3”

Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 2

Another piece of advice that can help a person achieve mindfulness and composure is breathing.  Breathing with the intention of getting to know our Creator, thanking Him for each breath, and giving ourselves the quiet to hear ourselves, to try to hear our own true voice.  Some might be surprised by the power of itContinue reading “Mindfulness According to Rebbe Nachman 2”

Chanukah 5781

Everyone should have a beautiful Chanukah full of light and joy! I wanted to share a short teaching about the power of Chanukah which I connected to this week.  Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l teaches in his book “Lev HaShamayim” on Chanukah (pages 32-34) that this special holiday is about rectifying and purifying our hearts again. Continue reading “Chanukah 5781”