Parshat Pekudei 5782

Parshat Pekudei 5782💡
The 12 Steps; I’m helpless to change without help from Hashem and others.

I started learning last week in a twelve step program💖 run by an Israeli outreach organization. There were people there from all backgrounds. Some of the participants are recovering addicts, but many of the participants are those who came to learn more and to work on different issues they are facing in life. Many of us might not be addicts BH, but we do struggle with different emotional, spiritual, or psychological issues. We all have pain💔 and are searching for real healing. 🦶The first step in the program is to recognize and admit that we are helpless in the face of our addiction/ suffering, and that our lives have become unmanageable or are not running how we would want them to. 😢This is called in Hebrew חוסר אונים. The second step is believing that a power greater than us can return to us our sanity and serenity. The first step towards healing is to admit that we need help. The teacher of the program suggested that we write down everyday several things which pain us, which make us feel afraid and helpless and to turn to Hashem and ask for help. He explained that helplessness is the gap between where I want to be, my ideal, and where I actually find myself.
This is also a powerful opportunity and experience for me personally.❤️ My father was in the 12 step program for several years before he passed away. It’s powerful to be learning the same healing tools that he was learning. I thought about how he said the same prayer for serenity and acceptance which is said at every 12 step meeting around the world. I remember having a very meaningful conversation with him about the program, the last time we saw each other before he died. There were many similarities to things that I was learning at the time at a Breslov workshop, but I thought at the time that it was only a program for addicts. Now I realize that these principles are really for everyone, and the healing message of the 12 step program is starting to spread to wider and wider circles of people.
Shabbat Shalom🕯️🕯️
For the speedy recovery of our neighbor Simcha Lauer

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