Parshat Vayikra 5782

Parshat Vayikra 5782💡
The 12 Steps- Roots of Healing❤️

It is taught in the 12 step program that the actual addiction, whatever it might be, is not the real source of the problem. It is just the result. It is the action we are engaging in, in order to escape the real pain
💔. What are some of the sources of healing? How can we start to heal these deep wounds?🤔
Just as our pain and addiction has three levels to it, spiritual, emotional and physical, so too there are three powerful tools which can help us heal these wounds🤗🙏. Honesty, openness and willingness to change💖. They are rooted in humility.😇
Part of the healing process is to practice being open and honest with a support group, with a counselor, with loved ones and with Hashem.
For example, if there is a behavior or trait which I’m struggling with, if I don’t share it and I keep it inside😶‍🌫, then I will continue to act from this weak place inside. It’s still there, it didn’t go anywhere. However, if I speak about it and share it and ask for help, then I begin to see new options and new ways of acting. I’m opening myself to change.😃
Shabbat Shalom🕯️🕯️ and Purim Sameach!

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