About the Blog

Moshe will be posting short ideas about the Torah portion.  There is also an archive of articles on the Torah portion and articles on Mindfulness which draw heavily from the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.  These articles are in memory of his father, Byron McKibbon.  May his soul be uplifted.

Aliza will be posting inspirational quotes and videos.  There is also an archive of articles about how to feed ourselves and our children, which draw from the methods developed by Ellyn Satter and are intertwined with Chassidic teachings and Torah concepts.

One thought on “About the Blog

  1. Powerful message! Thank you for this important torah lesson. Yesterday at the wedding of Sarah Techiya Litman and Ariel Biegel they invited all of the Jewish people and in the invitation they said the words: “We fell and we got up!” following the murder of Sarah’s father and brother! If Sarah and Ariel can fall in profound grief and nine days later get up and have a huge wedding with joy and happiness, what a profound message for us, with petty troubles and minor wounds.


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