Purim 5782

Purim 5782💡💡
Some short ideas about Purim.

In an incredible prayer about Purim,💥 Rebbe Natan of Breslov says that the miracle of Purim, (where everything seemed so hidden🧐), is greater than all the other miracles that Hashem has done with us as a people! 🚀
Why is there no day, and no illumination which is greater than Purim? What makes it such a powerful day?🤔
Rav Chaim Vital, the main student of the Arizal,🔥 explains that only on Purim does the same light of the miracle of the holiday, and the light of Mordechai and Esther illuminate the day and shine into our souls. It is different than Pesach for example, when we remember and connect to the Exodus. Purim shows us how behind the curtain, even when everything seems so hidden, Hashem is running the show!
We do not just remember what happened in the Purim story; the same special light comes down to us each year. An incredible light of faith, even when things seem dark. This is why the Zohar famously states that Yom Kippur is only like Purim in it’s level of holiness. It was an incredible miracle of salvation, clothed in nature.
I also heard a powerful idea brought by Rav Yosi Zakutinsky, based on the Sages, that when Haman came to Mordechai the Tzadik to lead him out in front of the people of Shushan, he found him teaching Torah to young school children. Haman asked him, what are you learning with them? Mordechai, answered, the laws of kmitza. 🤙Kmitza is part of a flour offering called the korban Mincha which is brought in the Temple. It’s just a small handful of flour brought on the altar. This teaches us on a personal level that every little good deed and prayer and mitzvah that each Jew performs is way more powerful than all the Hamans of the world!💪💪 Also in our times, when a war is raging in Ukraine. May we merit to believe in our strength every day, and especially on such a powerful day like Purim. On this amazing day we have the power to do our part to sweeten judgments and bring good and blessing to the world! Our little bit of avodah is way more powerful.
Everyone should have a beautiful Purim of light and simcha! 🙏

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach!

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