Joey Rosenfeld on Brokenness

A friend of mine sent me this quote recently, while he was listening to Joey Rosenfeld’s interview on the Meaningful People podcast. I think it is a very powerful insight which complements my last article about the beauty of a broken heart. Joey Rosenfeld is a brilliant young teacher and therapist living in St. Louis, Missouri. Shabbat Shalom, Moshe.

I think everybody is broken. But I don’t think being broken is a symptom of not being good enough. I think being broken is, the word I like to use is constitutive of being human. Meaning it’s the very birthplace of being a human being. Just as Hashem, as we’re taught, created the world with acts of concealment and then shattering, so too our experiences come about with concealment and  shattering. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to own our brokenness, own our imperfections and find a way to serve Hashem not in spite our imperfections, but specifically through our imperfections. That way, we are bringing the world back up to G-d, so to speak. This is a pre-condition to the human experience. The question is, to what degree do we recognize our brokenness. In a clinical sense, to what degree does our brokenness interfere with our ability to function. 

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