Who Do You Love? Part One

בס”ד By Rav Avraham Greenman Translated by Moshe Neveloff “The world depends on three things- on Torah study, on the service of God, and on kind deeds”.[1]  Regarding these three areas we are commanded to love- to love the Torah, to love Hashem and to love other Jews. How?  Is it possible to command someoneContinue reading “Who Do You Love? Part One”

A Healthy Winter with a Healthy Soul

  By Rav Avraham Greenman Translated by Moshe Neveloff In these days which are ‘after the holidays’ we have the custom of wishing to ourselves and all our friends and loved ones a healthy winter.  However despite the fact that the path to a healthy body is usually clear and known, the path to aContinue reading “A Healthy Winter with a Healthy Soul”

Bereshit- To be upright!

By Rav Noam Sharabi Translated by Moshe Neveloff The book of Bereshit[1] is called by the Prophets “the book of integrity”, because it is all about spiritual honesty, a correct order, a healthy process… creation and growth from nothing. Man is also called “upright”: “God has made man simple, but they sought many intrigues.” (Kohelet[2], 7:29) ManContinue reading “Bereshit- To be upright!”