Parshat Naso 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Naso 5782💡My special light of Torah💥 The excitement is building as we prepare for Matan Torah, for Chag Shavuot,🌳 when we receive the Torah anew.Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Eitzot, Advice🔥, that when a person learns a teaching in the Torah, he needs to find himself in the teaching. He also teachesContinue reading “Parshat Naso 5782”

Parshat Bechukotai 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Bechukotai 5782💡Hod- Gratitude 🙏 The special attribute of this week of the Omer is Hod💥. One of the meanings of hod is l’hodot, which means to thank, to be thankful. Part of the special light of this week, in addition of course to the awesome light of Lag B’Omer and Rebbe Shimon🔥,Continue reading “Parshat Bechukotai 5782”

Parashat Kedoshim 5782

Parshat Kedoshim 5782- Short Idea💡Being Clean.In this week’s parsha Hashem gives us different mitzvahs which help us to be holy. “You shall be holy, for holy am I, Hashem your God.”In addition to the mitzvahs that we learn about in this weeks parsha, I think🤔 that another aspect of holiness is working on introspection; takingContinue reading “Parashat Kedoshim 5782”

Parshat Tazria 5782

Parshat Tazria 5782- Short Idea💡The main aspect of redemption is emunah.🔥We are in a very special time right now. 💥These months of Adar and Nisan are months of geulah, redemption. We experienced in these months the incredible miracles of Purim and Pesach. This light 🕯️of redemption is with us also today. Rebbe Nachman teaches inContinue reading “Parshat Tazria 5782”