Parshat Bechukotai 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Bechukotai 5782💡
Hod- Gratitude 🙏

The special attribute of this week of the Omer is Hod💥. One of the meanings of hod is l’hodot, which means to thank, to be thankful. Part of the special light of this week, in addition of course to the awesome light of Lag B’Omer and Rebbe Shimon🔥, is looking at what we have to be thankful for. There is so much to be thankful for in our lives.
The first avodah, the first thing which we started working on in the 12 step program I am currently learning in was to keep a journal✍️. The teacher suggested that we write down everyday, in addition to our pains and challenges, a list of things that we are thankful for. This helps us to see that despite the difficulties we might feel and be facing in life, there are also many gifts, many blessings that we have in our lives. Many times or most of the time we are focused on what we are lacking💔. Gratitude helps us to see the good that’s already there right in front of us🤗. It opens our eyes and our hearts to a new perspective.❤️
Rebbe Natan also teaches that giving thanks to Hashem for our blessings also helps us to pray from our hearts for what we want and what we are lacking.  It gives us strength to pray and keep trying. By first giving thanks to Hashem for the good we recognize in our lives, this helps to pour out our hearts in prayer for everything we might be lacking.
To end, I saw a beautiful quote today🤩 from the Thank You Hashem status:
Gratitude is an inner state which is always available to us.
Shabbat Shalom

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