Parshat Bamidbar 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Bamidbar 5782💡
Walking in the desert

As we begin a new book in the Torah💥, our parsha and this book of the Torah teach us about the Jewish people as they journey toward the land of Israel. There are many obstacles, and many challenges during their years in the desert🧐. The Sin of the Spies, the rebellion of Korach…

The Torah is always teaching us messages for our life today🤔. As I thought about the word, Bamidbar, in the desert, the wilderness, I thought to myself: sometimes it feels in life like we are walking in the desert too. Lost, tired and hungry.😢 Going through so many challenges, on the inside and the outside. Longing to reach our destination, longing to come home.🙏 Longing to live a happy, healthy life. How can we feel inside, and also know that we are not alone in our difficulties? Step 2 of the 12 Step✍️ program teaches us that only a power greater than ourselves, a friend, a mentor, a group and ultimately Gd, can help us find healing and true connection🤗💖. To discover who we truly are and to share our light.🕯️ They can help us return to our sanity, to our true voice.
I have a prayer I want to share, a prayer that came to me as I was writing this week🙏: I pray that we will always feel Hashem walking with us and guiding us; to know that He’s holding our hand. He is always helping us, even on those long journeys in the desert🦶. He is right with us. To feel his embrace and support.❤️
This is the truth, but sometimes it is so hidden from us. May we all begin to feel this more in our lives as we get closer to Chag Shavuot, to receiving the Torah anew. Amen.

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