Parshat Chukat 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Chukat 5782💡
Meditation and Healing

It is taught in the 11th step of the 12 Step program: “We seek by way of tefilah (prayer) and meditation to improve our conscious connection with God,🤔 according to our understanding; our goal in our prayer is only to know God’s will for us and the strength to fulfill His will.”
In our group last week, which is based on the 12 step program with a focus on meditation and introspection, we did a powerful series of breathing exercises, meditating on our emotions and experiences.🧐 Letting ourselves just to be with whatever we were feeling. Through the breathing we were able to accept and release whatever pain or experience came to the surface🤗. Meditation and therapy also helps us with separation. The more that we are able to give our emotions and experiences expression, in a safe space💖, before Hashem and with supportive friends and mentors, the more that it helps us not become mixed up and overwhelmed by difficult emotions. We can embrace all our emotions and not be controlled by them.🤗
This ancient practice of meditation was know to our Sages and forefathers, such as Avraham Avinu💥. As we get closer to the geulah, the ancient wisdom of Jewish meditation techniques and the inner light 🔥of the Torah are being revealed more and more. To find peace and healing in these turbulent times💔, our souls need the healing advice of the secrets of the Torah. They deepen our connection to Hashem and allow us to find inner healing. Amen.🙏
Shabbat Shalom 🕯️🕯️

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