Parshat Emor 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Emor 5782💡
Looking for the openings, Striving for more

Every morning as part of my daily learning I read from the letters of Reb Noson z”l, Rebbe Nachman’s top student. His letters, most of which he wrote to one of his sons, are filled with incredible chizuk (encouragement) 🔥and insights. As I was reading one of the letters this week an important idea stood out to me.💥
“You also need to remember what he (Rebbe Nachman) said, that it’s forbidden to give in to Hashem, so to speak. That means, when He gives you an expansion, an opening, it’s forbidden to just settle for that. Rather a person needs to plead and to long for more🙏, each person according to what he is still lacking in his service of Hashem. However, he said that it’s forbidden to become sad when a person sees how much he’s still lacking…”
Reb Noson’s letter teaches us an important principle.🕯️ We need to hold on to two opposite aspects of trying to grow and improve in serving Hashem and being our best self. In Judaism there is room for opposites, and ups and downs. On the one hand we need to always strive for more. To believe that there is so much more we can give and accomplish🤗. To set goals for ourselves. However, on the other hand, if we don’t succeed, or if we have a fall, we still need to try to strengthen ourselves and be happy with where we find ourselves now. Hold on tight and look for your good points!💖 We still have so many good points. Rebbe Nachman calls these two aspects in another teaching running and returning. When things are hard, when we struggle, we need to see how we can strengthen ourselves in simcha.  May we all merit a beautiful month of strengthening ourselves and others. Shabbat Shalom🍷
(Dedicated to the memory of all the soldiers, security forces, and terror victims, kedoshim, who died to protect us)💔

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