Parshat Matot 5782

Short Idea- Parshat Matot 5782💡
Everlasting Love❤️

There is a popular Jewish podcast I enjoy listening to called Meaningful People.💥 This week the guest was a Rabbi, teacher and musician from Israel, Shlomo Katz. At one point during the interview, the podcast co- host, Nachi Gordon, asked Rav Shlomo about a powerful, beautiful song released a few years ago, Everlasting Love🔥💖. Rav Shlomo shared about the powerful experience of how recording that song on an album called Only You had changed his life. The song is based on a prophecy which describes how even if the mountains will crumble and everything will fade away, God’s love for his people will never end, will never fade💪. What we want to feel so deeply and what we want to give over to our loved ones and those around us is Hashem’s eternal love for his people😍. Many times the pain we feel in life is because this everlasting love is hidden from us.😢
How do we reveal this everlasting love more in our lives?🤔
The Zohar Hakadosh teaches that each mitzvah is another way; each mitzvah is a special piece of advice how to connect to Hashem, how to reveal the deep love that exists between us🤗. In Hebrew the word mitzvah is also related to the word צוותא, which means together, connection. Every mitzvah helps us connect to this eternal love. 🙏May this principle help us seek this deep, eternal love each and every day. May it turn our mitzvah observance and our relationships into something so much deeper and more connected. Amen.🙏
Shabbat Shalom

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