Pesach 5783

Short Idea- Pesach 5783- Finding True Freedom💡

One of the main ideas and focuses of the holiday of Pesach🍷 is freedom. Hashem freed us from our slavery in Egypt. We became a free people, a people free to serve Gd in our own land, after our years of exile and wandering in the desert.
How can we connect to the concept of freedom today, as Passover approaches? How do we find true freedom in our lives? 🤔

I have been learning this month about the third step of the 12 Step program from a powerful💥 daily learning book someone recommended to me last year. Step 3 of the 12 Steps of recovery is the decision to give our lives and our desires over to Gd’s providence💖. It is the belief that only He can heal us and set us free from everything which holds us down. Freedom from all of the actions and thoughts that hurt us and hurt others. In recovery it is taught that if we truly live this step everyday, we will begin to experience real freedom. The freedom of feeling and knowing that everything does not depend on us, we don’t need to carry everything on our shoulders🤗. Many times we have an overdeveloped sense of responsibilty, which causes us pressure. Step 3 teaches us to give our lives over to Gd, since the truth is that really He is in charge of everything. We just need to try our best everyday to make good choice and live a healthy life. Step 3 will give us the gift of quiet and peace inside our souls❤. We can sit in the back seat of the car (so to speak), relax, and let H’ take the keys. Step 3 gives us the freedom to live each day as best as we can, and to let go of the past and the future, which are not in our hands anyways. One of the spiritual principles of the recovery program is Only Today.  I only have the day in front of me to try to be healthy. I only need to try my best, the results are not up to me. Let Go and Let Gd. 🤩

Rebbe Nachman teaches in the second teaching of Sichos Haran, Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom🔥: “It is very good for a person to throw himself upon Gd, and to rely only upon Him. My (Rebbe Nachman) way is that when the day begins I give over all of my actions, mine and those of my family and all of those who depend on me to Gd. I pray that everything should be according to His will.”

May everyone have a beautiful Pesach of feeling the taste of freedom!

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