Marcheshvan 5783- Connected

Short Idea- Being connected and happy💡😃
In Ran Weber’s new book, Connected, מחובר, he teaches about happiness and satisfaction in work and our daily lives based on Rebbe Nachman’s powerful story💥, the Sophisticate and the Simpleton. In the conclusion of his book, after discussing some of the main, practical understandings and advice that we can learn from the Rebbe’s story, he writes: To live a life of connection is the greatest gift 🤗that we can give ourselves… In a generation of chronic disconnect, where technology and a lifestyle of enjoyment drag us outwards, without a doubt, it’s not simple to choose to act differently…” (page 288)
One of the challenges aspects of this time of year🧐, as we begin the winter, after the inspiration of the month of Tishrei, is returning to the daily grid. Another day of work, another day of school. The daily grid. It can feel boring and we struggle to feel inspiration and connection💔. How can we be more connected to ourselves and to our lives?🤔 How can we feel more connected? How can we choose a life of internal connection to our souls in the face of an external culture?
These are deep questions which the book addresses. As I was thinking about these questions, I thought about my daily practice of personal prayer, hitbodedut. I think that the path of personal prayer, Rebbe Nachman’s advice🔥 to meditate and be with ourselves every day in seclusion, helps us to become more connected and find meaning and happiness in life.
In my experience this is one of the most powerful and real ways to be more connected to our souls, to our lives and to others.💖 When we give ourselves this quiet time for reflection and prayer, we give ourselves a place to take a deep breath and to disconnect from the noise of the outside world for a little bit. We connect to where we find ourselves at that moment. We can let ourselves ask questions, meditate on what we feel and why, and pray over what we are lacking😞. We also give ourselves time to reflect on all of the blessings in our life.🤔 Taking time for ourselves helps us to re-engage with the world afterwards in a more composed and connected way.
Step 11 of the 12 Steps states: “We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious connection to God, as we understood Him, praying only to know His will for us and the power to carry that out.” Seeking to increase our connection with God by prayer and meditation will also have a positive influence on other areas of our life, it will help us to live a more positive, connected life. Amen. 

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