Parshat Tazria 5782

Parshat Tazria 5782- Short Idea💡
The main aspect of redemption is emunah.🔥
We are in a very special time right now. 💥These months of Adar and Nisan are months of geulah, redemption. We experienced in these months the incredible miracles of Purim and Pesach. This light 🕯️of redemption is with us also today. Rebbe Nachman teaches in the 7th teaching of Likutei Moharan that the main aspect and main reason for our exile is a lack of faith. 😢Therefore, the main way to acheive redemption is by restoring our emunah, both on a personal and national level. This time of year is a powerful time of year for growing and trying to improve our emunah🌳. We can do this through learning, through prayer, through talking to others, and by being open to new ways of experiencing and looking at life.🤔
Reb Noson z”l writes in one of his incredible letters: “The main aspect of redemption depends on this- according to how much the Jewish people in every generation are able to raise up their fallen faith, and to strenghten themselves in true faith.”
It is taught in Step 2 of the 12 Steps that part of the healing process🤗 is being open to believe that only a power greater than ourselves can restore us to health and sanity. We cannot merit true healing without restoring our faith in Hashem. The ultimate goal of the program is to bring each person to a true, healing connection with Hashem, one based upon love and trust. ❤️The support groups and teachings of the program help us toward this goal. Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom!

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