Parshat Metzora 5782

Parshat Metzorah 5782- Short Idea💡
I only rely on You.🙏
Rebbe Nachman teaches at the beginning of Sichos Haran, Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom🔥, 2nd teaching: “It’s very good for a person to throw himself on Hashem and to rely only on him. And my custom is that when each new day comes, I give over all of my actions and those of my children and everyone who depends on me over to Hashem, that everything should be according to His will. This is something very good to do.” At the 12 step program last week, an amazing Breslov teacher, Michi Yosefi, who also learns and teaches about the 12 steps, gave over this teaching by Rebbe Nachman and showed a powerful connection💥 to the program. It was amazing for me to hear how he connected this teaching of the Rebbe to the 12 steps.😱 It was powerful for me to realize that a prayer of bitachon, of trust, which I’ve been saying each day for years is also implemented in the 12 steps, as a step towards healing. I felt Hashem’s help and providence.🤗
The third step of the 12 steps is our decision to give over our lives and our desires to Divine Providence, each person according to their level and understanding. We ask Gd to help us with our negative desires and traits, and put our trust in Him that He is guiding us in our path of healing.👍🏻 This builds upon step 2, where we recognize that only a higher power can heal us.💖
May we all merit during this special time of year, as we prepare for the amazing holiday of Pesach, to turn to Hashem and rely upon him, that he will help us prepare for and celebrate the chag in the best way possible🙏. Shabbat Shalom

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