Parshat Ki Tisa 5782

Parshat Ki Tisa 5782💡💡

I am Hashem who heals you.❤️
I’ve had very little time to stop and write something this week. However, I just wanted to share a short idea which gave me strength and encouragement in the past few days. Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Moharan🔥, 78th Torah, that our speech, our words have tremendous power to help us come closer to Hashem, to believe in Him more, and to help us in times of need. Our words of Torah and tefilah come with us wherever we go👏. He says that just like the mother bird watches over and takes care of her chicks, so to our good words and prayers accompany us.
We say in the daily prayers, “Because You are the King, the faithful Healer, and you are merciful.” There is a new Eitan Katz song🎻 that came out recently on this prayer. The song has been stuck in my head since I heard it the first time💥. I felt the past few days that the more I say these words the more I feel them and believe in them. May we all merit the healing that we need.

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