Parashat Shoftim

A Calming Judgment How can someone be fond of judgement and laws?  Judgment is scary.  Judgment is bad.  Judgment is guilt.  Judgment is a prosecutor and a defense attorney and judges and hammers and shameful punishments.  Judgment is something very stressful and frightening!  Can there really be something in the world called ‘a calming judgment’??Continue reading “Parashat Shoftim”

Feeding Our Children- Part 1

What is Normal Growth? Where my growth seemed slow and I might have even fallen from my percentile curve of success.   Those years were a time when I was nursing myself back to attachment with Hashem.  Aliza Neveloff Tuesday, 29th of Sivan, 5775 A child has a natural way of growing that is right for them.  TheyContinue reading “Feeding Our Children- Part 1”