Parshat Tetzaveh 5782💡

This weeks parsha deals almost exclusively with the service of the Kohanim. One of the special vestments of the Kohen Hagadol, Aharon, was the choshen,❤️ a special breastplate that he wore during the service in the Mishkan. On the choshen were inscribed the names of the twelve tribes. Aharon Hacohen carried the Jewish people on his heart always💖. We too can walk in the path of Aharon Hacohen, we too can carry others in our hearts. In our prayers and in our actions. But Rebbe Nachman teaches an important point. In the 34th teaching in Likutei Moharan🔥, it is taught that pain and shame cause a person’s heart to break. When your heart is broken it is hard to carry others in your heart ❤️. The pain and shame cause us to make distance in our relationships and fall into unhealthy behaviors. How do we find healing for our broken hearts💔, so that we can give to others? It is taught in the 12 step program that part of the healing process is trying to heal our relationships and making amends🤗. Healing and recovery is achieved by connecting to others who support this process and love us unconditionally. Supporting our growth and seeing our good👍. Finding a support group, good friend, or counselor can help😃. We can heal our broken hearts 💗 and start to develop deep and loving relationships with others.🙏
Shabbat Shalom🕯️🕯️

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